The .hiv TLD: the Red Ribbon of the digital age

Starting this october 2013 trademarks will be able to register the new .hiv TLD, consider the Red Ribbon of the digital age during the sunrise periodThe .hiv registry is dotHIV gemeinnütziger e.V. A Charitable Association.

.hiv domain names will raise funds to support HIV projects, foster awareness of the cause and fight the stigmatization of people living with HIV. The registry dotHIV works on a non-profit basis; all surpluses will be distributed to organizations working in the field of HIV/AIDS.

The special twist: dotHIV will use the assembled registration fees to finance a micro-donation program. Every visit of a .hiv website will delegate a small amount of money to HIV projects. By this, surfing on .hiv websites becomes an easy and fun way of doing good.

A .hiv domain name is part of a broader domain name portfolio. Registrants are free to use it as
they please, but are advised to simply redirect to the standard homepage. With this basic principle, .hiv-domains provide a second entry door to the usual web content, but enhance the surfing experience through the micro-donation.

Open registration start next World AIDS Day 2013 (Dec. 1st) domain registration without rectrictions.

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The .hiv TLD: the Red Ribbon of the digital age