.TUBE is the new exclusive domain for videos!

.TUBE is the new exclusive domain for videos!

The .TUBE top-level domain (TLD) defines an exclusive space on the Internet, .TUBE allows you to create a dedicated showcase for your videos whether you are a business, individual, or non-profit organization. It is expected that soon more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video related and .TUBE will be the perfect choice for visual sites.

Why should you register a .TUBE domain?

- Create a video site for your brand: with the name of YourBrand.TUBE you can create a video-based site to attract attention.
- Protect your brand by registering YourBrand.TUBE.

- With a community-centric .TUBE domain, you’ll have your own platform where like-minded people can come together to watch and share videos.

- Multiple names for .TUBE domains! You have the opportunity to cover an entire sport, industry, or genre — giving you the potential for truly massive reach. Register, for example sports.TUBE, gaming.TUBE or fashion.TUBE.. There are incredible, generic.TUBE domains covering nearly every category.

If you have a trademarkverified by the Trademark Clearinghouseyou now have priority to apply for a .TUBE domain.

.TUBE Timeline:
Sunrise phase: from 04/20/2016 to 06/19/2016.
General availability phase: from July 7, 2016.

.TUBE is the space where new ideas in motion go viral ...;)

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.TUBE is the new exclusive domain for videos!