Windows Dedicated Servers

Windows Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers offer all the resources of an exclusive server just for you. You will obtain a completely private environment, be able to install and control all the necessary applications and manage the best security level.

With a Dedicated Server you will obtain a full server for your organization at a real competitive price and without sharing anything with any other user.

If you need the maximum resources with the maximum security available, a dedicated server is your option.

Our Dedicated Servers are located on our databases which follow very strict security and availability measures.

Windows Dedicated Servers are maintained easily and there are multiple services and integrated extensions with other popular technologies from Microsoft.

When clients contract a Windows Dedicated Server, they dispose of an exclusive machine for their own applications and will be able to personalize it to adjust it to its own necessities: email, applications integration, databases, sharing confidential documents, etc.

The basic differences for Windows Dedicated Servers are:

- The Windows server use is exclusive for the client.

- The client has a total control of the machine, applications and services.

- The client benefits from all the resources, server power and broad band without sharing it with other users.

- The service quality is higher, as other user's applications can't interfere with the speed and performance of our server.

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Windows Dedicated Servers