ViaMailing - E-mail marketing

The perfect e-mail marketing tool with which to create, send and track the mailings that you send to your contact lists, subscribers, clients, ...

ViaMailing is an e-mail marketing tool in which you can create, send and track the mailings that you send to your contact lists, subscribers, clients, ...

It is the perfect tool to help your MARKETING DEPARTMENT or COMMERCIAL NETWORK to achieve your sales objectives, through the advantages that e-mail marketing provides.

Improve your online marketing strategy in 4 simple steps and at a minimal cost. You can register subscribers, get clients and keep them informed about the news of your company.

Viamailing offers you the essential tool for your marketing department or your commercial advisors to use one of the most powerful channels that exist today in online marketing. Contact your customers and evaluate the results in each campaign.


Connection of contacts

You can register your contacts one by one or in bulk through various file formats. You can also extract them from a text. With this option you can paste any text and automatically Viamaling will get the text emails, incorporating them into a new list or an existing one. Remember that you can only send emails to contacts that you know or that have given explicit authorization for it.

Create your e-mailing

Use our pre-designed templates, create your own or ask us to design exclusive templates for you. Enter the content of your mailings with a very intuitive and versatile text editor. You can create your e-mail in a personalized way, import the images, enter links to the web related to the news or campaign, include personalization labels to make each email unique, for example by entering the name of the person you are going to addressed...

Schedule mailing shipment

Send the e-mailing once drafted or schedule it for a specific date and time.

See results of e-mailing

The most important thing in online marketing is to be able to measure the results of each campaign, to improve your marketing strategies. You will have access in real time to the behavior of your subscribers, you can check how many customers your e-mail has arrived, how many of them have read it and if they have clicked on the links that you may have entered in the mailing.