Protect your brand from the .sucks domain

Protect your brand from the .sucks domain

With the introduction of the new gTLDs it is essential to protect your brands to avoid being related with unwanted content or subject to cybersquatting on the Internet. A current example is the new .sucks domain extension which is a common expression with a derogatory meaning, is currently on the Sunrise Period. The Sunrise Period is the initial period where trademark owners registered with the TMCH can register .sucks domains matching their trademarks before they become available to the general public.

The Trademark Clearinghouse is the official database of verified trademark, which offers priority access to reserve new domains before general access. Entorno Digital is an official agent of TMCH.

If you do not register your during the Sunrise Period, anyone will be able to register it during the General Availability Phase.

Celebrities such as Kevin Spacey or Taylor Swift are protecting their personal brands by registering or, other examples include, and

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Protect your brand from the .sucks domain