AdultBlock and AdultBlock +

Block your domain in adult space


AdultBlock and AdultBlock + is a new rights protection blocking service provided by ICM Registry specifically for trademark owners.

ICM Registry was the first operator to offer a protection service to rights holders validated in .XXX in 2011 called Sunrise B. As the anniversary of the service approaches, ICM Registry is pleased to present an extended protection service that includes .porn, .sex and .adult in addition to .xxx.

The AdultBlock service allows brand owners to block terms either registered with the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) or already registered in the Sunrise B program. The AdultBlock service ensures that the registered term will be blocked in all four TLDs.

The AdultBlock + service goes one step further with all AdultBlock protections along with the ability to block all similar variations that seem confusingly similar to the term of the registered trademark.

Key Service Benefits

Our blocking service is provided through two unique product offerings, AdultBlock and Adult-Block +. Both services include the same powerful central domain blocking functions in the four TLDs where names are not currently registered, including premium domain names, as well as future registration of already registered names.

AdultBlock + goes further by providing unlimited blocking of all additional aspect tags generated by TMCH and contained within the signed Brand Data (SMD) file. These similar variations are susceptible to abuse, as they appear confusingly similar to the trademark term, given the average of three labels per brand and the scope of thousands of variations per name, as a result of internationalized domain name script variants ( IDN) and homoglyph characters used by phishers to confuse users with similar domain names.

With AdultBlock +, customers no longer need to choose which tags they want to protect, since all tags and variants are covered. The improved service provides brands with a powerful tool to combat this threat now and in the future.

Sunrise B participants can also receive these additional features while using their original trademark data without any additional verification steps or associated fees if purchased before December 31, 2020.

FeaturesAdult BlockAdult Block +
Block the label across all 4 TLDs



Premium domain name blocking



Blocking of domains when they become available



Variant Labels in SMD File and Sunrise B


Unicode variant blocking - homoglyphs & IDNs running to potentially thousands per name


Labels Covered


Registration Periods

1, 3, 5 and 10 years

1, 3, 5 and 10 years

Economical Rates

Pricing on the basic AdultBlock product has been structured to enable corporate registrars to deliver a circa 35% savings over the equivalent price for registering a single name in all four extensions. Meanwhile, trademark holders and brands adopting a 10 year AdultBlock+ registration before 31 December 2019 can do so for the same price as a 10 year basic AdultBlock registration.

Coverage Across the services

Rights holders are able to choose which service is right for them by visiting and supplying their SMD file or by adding the text version of their trademark to the variant calculator to view the number of currently available matches and variants.

In the example, “Bank of America” as a trademark three variant labels (including the homoglyph variants) are protected using AdultBlock+ or users may choose to protect just one label by using the AdultBlock service.

Using the term ‘bank’ over 14,000 homoglyph variations are easily created. While some of the variations are easy to spot when placed beside another for easy comparison, this may not be in the case if the term is separated, the user is unaware of look-alike names or isn’t paying closing attention or simply can’t spot the difference due to a small screen on their mobile device. An accent mark is quick to dismiss as a dust mark on our mobile phones as opposed to a ‘á’. One tiny mark is all it takes to spoof users to a look-alike website.

For brands wanting to protect their marks, their business and their customer experience, Adult-Block+ provides the highest level of protection by including all look-alike variations in one simple package.

For additional information, please visit to learn more about the comprehensive coverage your customers can expect with the ICM Registry AdultBlock service.